SYNC 15 NANO CBD (LEMON + LIMONENE) – Fast Action Spray

SYNCTM 15 Nano CBD is a Fast Action Spray that uses nanoemulsion technology to achieve faster and more predictable effects than edibles and oils. The nanoemulsion consists of tiny droplets of CBD oil dispersed in water, a formula that allows the CBD to absorb quickly into the bloodstream and avoid being broken down in the bypass the digestive system. The discreet and convenient sublingual spray bottle allows for a high degree of control over the dosage.


CBD: 13.5-16.5 mg/g, THC: 0-2.9 mg/g


Nanoemulsion Fast Action Spray, 15mL


Lemon + Limonene: a zesty and refreshing lemon-limonene flavour with a hint of cloves and citrus rind – the limonene terpene is associated with focused and uplifting moments.

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