MED SYNC 12.5 NANO CBD (MYRCENE) – Fast Action Spray


SYNCTM 12.5 Nano CBD is a Fast Action Spray that uses nanoemulsion technology to achieve faster and more predictable effects than edibles and oils. The nanoemulsion consists of tiny droplets of CBD oil dispersed in water, a formula that allows the CBD to absorb quickly into the bloodstream and avoid being broken down in the digestive system. The discreet and convenient sublingual spray bottle allows for a high degree of control over the dosage.




CBD: 11-14 mg/g THC: <0.1 mg/g


Nanoemulsion Fast Action Spray, 20mL


Myrcene: MED SYNC 12.5 Nano CBD has been formulated with myrcene, a natural terpene found in cannabis, that has an earthy and musky mango scent and is known for having relaxing effects.